Sep 17, 2015

Best Photo Hot Spots in Port Angeles

Port Angeles, Washington is beautiful any time of the year. It's the sites that are even more beautiful and stunning to witness. If you have a camera in hand, these sites are the most photo-worthy in Port Angeles.

Olympic National Park
One of America's most historic national parks, Olympic National Park is comprised of four regions--the Pacific coastline, alpine areas, the west side temperate rain forest and the forest of the drier east side.

All of these regions have their individual photogenic qualities. The pacific coastline provides a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean and the temperate rain forest shows off plenty of color. The mountains of this national park are set for the perfect backdrop, giving depth into nature.

Washington Lavender Farm
If you've wanted to witness a sea of purple flowers, this is the place. Located on the property of George Washington Inn in Port Angeles, the Washington Lavender Farm is the home of "Martha's Own" and "By George" lavender products.

The farm is a stunning spot and the perfect photo opportunity. With the inn in the background of the farm, it provides such a historic scene to capture. You'll find the best time to take photographs of the farm is when there's a gentle haze over the flowers, or right at sunset or sunrise when the sun is at a perfect angle to cast a spectacular light over the farm.

Downtown Port Angeles (at Night)
The downtown area is always beaming with arts and culture and a variety of stores and shops. But at night, Downtown Port Angeles transforms into a glowing piece of art on the water. The beautiful lights from the city reflecting off the bay is a sight to see.

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