Aug 26, 2015

Connecticut's Most Scenic Areas

In order to capture the overall beauty that is the state of Connecticut through the lens of a camera, you need to find the best locations to photograph. There are a number of beautiful spots to be captured for your Connecticut collection. Here are the top scenic drivers and locations in Connecticut. Meritt Parkway

Merritt Parkway is a beautiful 37 mile National Scenic Byway. Merritt is set in natural surroundings with beautiful views of both spring and fall foliage depending on your time of visit. The byway takes about an hour to drive and is free to visit. Merritt is the perfect place to capture the fall leaves as they change or to witness examples of Art Deco or Art Moderne for inspiration.

Another wonderful National Scenic Byway, the Connecticut State Route 169 offers visitors unique views and a glimpse of history. Route 169 is 32 miles that takes about an hour to drive, but many spend a day visiting the many stops along the way. The byway offers views of colonial homesteads, churches, stone walls, meeting houses, and private schools. Connecting New England towns, Route 169 is the perfect place to stop for photographs while driving to your destination. Natural views include maple and pine stands and glacially deposited rocks and boulders in the fields surrounding the byway.

Litchfield, Connecticut

The city of Litchfield is known as one of the most scenic cities in Connecticut when it comes to landscapes. The city offers a number of beautiful backdrops from gardens to fall foliage locations. Just driving through the 75 miles span of city you will find various locations to photograph.

Route 146, Guilford to Branford

One of the best ways to experience the 300 miles of shoreline that Connecticut has to offer is to explore the towns of Guilford and Branford. For beautiful water pictures and views, follow this narrow road that meanders through several acres of salt marshes and even take a break at one of the delicious seafood restaurants or breweries along the way.

No matter what kind of photographer you are, if you are looking for a natural and beautiful backdrop or just landscape photos for your portfolio, check out any of these Connecticut locations.

About the Author: Linda is a guest contributor from Stanton House Inn, a beautiful Greenwich bed and breakfast.

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