May 11, 2012

Update on the way for Zeta

The first update for Zeta 1.5 is on the way, with a 50+ list of small fixes and tweaks. On the list are:

ATI Radeon X
- Added Radeon X support
- Fixed issues with MultiUser
- Fixed the broken Icons in the ToolBar
- Updated to v2.0.0.3 that fixes a security wholes and a bad bug for ssl webpages freezing ZETA
- Fixed login problems with MSN
- Added new AboutWindow
- Added a new feature for moving the sourcefolder
- Added “Start debugger”. Now you can start BDB with your application
- Users cannot use MakeMe: Fixed
- Now you get a dialouge when loading big projects
- Fixed the New Project view to allow making of sub-directories.
- Made creation of new empty projects with a different name than just ‘Project1′.
- MakeMe now is using the MultipleLaunch function
- Fixed problems with file names for AudioCDs
- Fixed problems when erasing discs
- Fixed the space issues of file names
- Users cannot use MediaFire: Fixed
- Fixed crashs in the avi.extractor
- Fixed problems with passwords
- Fixed probelms with writing to /var/tmp
- Fixed problems for getting Deskbar addons working

Most of the fixes are for MediaFire and MakeMe, view the full list here 

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