May 16, 2013

Summer Photography Checklist

Photography has always been a passion of mine. I wouldn't ever want to be a professional photographer, but I do enjoy taking pictures in my spare time, especially in the summer. Living in the Northern states makes you appreciate the changing seasons which is very fun to document with a camera. I have captured a lot of photos of lovely flowers and gorgeous sunsets over the years, but I'm not a big outdoorsy person so unfortunately I'm missing a lot of beautiful scenery.

Since I'm kicking off summer with a trip to my friend's beautiful log cabin which is tucked away in the woods, I figured I should take advantage of the opportunity and get some of the nature shots I have been missing. My friend's cabin is on a river and not far from a public beach, but I haven't been there so I wanted to make a broad checklist for the summer instead of just the weekend. Hopefully I can cross them all off my list by the end of the summer.

Summer Photography Checklist
  • Sunrise
  • Moon and stars
  • Frog on a lillie pad
  • Turtles sunbathing on rocks
  • Hummingbird and a flower
  • A dog enjoying the sunshine
  • Birds flying into the sunset
  • Berries on the trees
  • The view from the very top of the sand dunes
  • A sandcastle
  • A sailboat on the water
  • A campfire
  • Fireworks 
  • The clouds before a storm
  • A rainbow