Dec 17, 2012

Christmas Films

Why is Christmas such a great backdrop for cinema? Certainly it appears that there are more films made about or set around this month of the year than any other. I suppose a lot of it is down to marketing. It's more than likely easier to fill theaters during the winter months than during a hot summer. Also you can replicate this popularity the following December by releasing the film on a conveniently scheduled DVD. Of course, I'm being quite cynical about those sorts of films. In actual fact I'm quite a fan of Christmas films. There are plenty out there which are brilliant. In fact one of my favorite films (I'd say top 3 ever if I was making a best films ever list) constitutes a post later on this list. That being said it can't be denied that there are some films which are just cynical cash-ins; yes I'm looking at you Jingle All The Way! The reason for so many of these is the fact that it's quite simple to think of a concept for a Christmas film in no time at all. In fact now I think about it's a little too easy. So easy that I can list a few simple formulas for box-office dynamite!

F is for Films

It's Christmas Eve and somebody needs to beat the bad guys to get the presents to the orphanage!
One grumpy man who hates Christmas must learn to love the season and see the error of his ways (in many of these films the term "Scrooge" will be prominent without the credit "Charles Dickens")
Some cartoon animals must learn an important lesson about friendship whilst avoiding the evil mad scientist.
A lonely man bored of being the only single person he knows and an equally lonely woman fed up with her marriage must learn to love again with the help of festive spirit! (and for some reason more often than not New York City?!?)