Nov 19, 2015

Wedding Photography Tips

Whether you're an professional photographer or an amateur photographer, shooting wedding photos is not an ordinary task. A wedding is easily the most stressful for a photographer. The bride and groom will have expectations for you to meet, and these photos (that they will presumably being paying for) will be memories hung and displayed throughout their home for years.

Here are some tips to get you started if you're photographing a wedding:

Ask your clients for a "shot list." It's their wedding after all. Ask your clients ahead of time what they expect and what kind of photos they want. The list should include those who they'd like photos with--any group shots or singular shots. This will certainly help you determine family photos, as well. Most importantly, a list of people will make sure you don't forget to get a photo of everyone.

Ask for a photo coordinator. Everyone is in such high spirits on the wedding day. The family is excited, distracted, and busy running around from place to place. Ask the family to nominate an individual who can be a photo coordinator. One wedding photographer isn't enough to rally a group photo together, especially when everyone is distracted.

Scout out the location. Know the wedding ceremony and reception venues prior to the wedding. Visit the locations beforehand and get an idea of what areas will be best to photograph. If it's a bed and breakfast, scope out the grounds. Is there a garden that will provide the best photos? What about any architecture? This is all part of the preparation.

Group shots. These are the most difficult, but also the most fun. Something that the bride and groom will love is an entire group shot of the wedding party. This can be tricky, especially on limited time. Scout out a place where you can get to a high location to take a wide shot. Use a wide lens for group shots, too.

Expect the unexpected. No wedding turns out perfect, so expect the unexpected. It might rain. It could snow. The groom's tie might be crooked. The bride's hair might fall out half way through the reception. As a photographer, you have to roll with the punches, and prepare for any mishaps. Sometimes, these make for the best memories.

About the Author: Nicole is a guest contributor from Presidents' Quarters Inn, a bed and breakfast in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, offering comfortable rooms as well as wedding and honeymoon packages.

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