Nov 22, 2016

Top 5 Best Sites for Photographers in Hood River, Oregon

One of the most adventurous locations for photographers in Oregon is Hood River. Hood River has some of the most amazing picturesque views that would appeal to all types of photographers, ranging from novices to professional snappers. Here are five of the best photography sites in town:
John Day River Basin
The natural beauty of John Day is no doubt a great attraction for photographers. The basin surrounds the sparsely populated John Day City, another plus for photographers who love a quite environment for their pictures. Photographers can also enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as hiking, fishing and backpacking as they take their photos. Visit for more info. 
Proxy Falls
One of the most photographed locations in Oregon is Proxy Falls. It features a multi-tiered horse-tail appearance, the most photogenic in the Pacific Northwest. The waterfall rises to a height of 226 feet and derives its name from the nearby Proxy Creek. Several springs from North Sister feed the waterfall, making it even more scenic.
Mickey Basin
Lying in the shadow of Steens Mountain, the Mickey Basin forms a four-mile depression along the desert playa. There are two distinct valleys in the basin and a dark ridge stands between them. It is one of the most scenic views in Hood River, especially during sunrise and sunset. The splash of warm colors in the morning and evening provides for stunning backgrounds for photographers.

Escola State Park
The park sits dramatically on the edge of a headland, making it one of the most remarkable photo locations in Oregon. Sometimes, fog and mist pour down onto the park from the adjacent coastal range, effectively adding a spark of mystery into the landscape. Photographers can also get a view of Haystack Rock which is the most prominent landmark. Photographers can easily access the park in Cannon Beach via Highway 101. Find more info at
Painted Hills
People regard Painted Hills as one of the most spectacular photographic sites in Oregon. This site derives its name from the spectacular colors that wash over the place depending on the angle of the sun. The landscape often appears unnatural and highly surreal. It is as if it is a human work of art as the colors keep changing throughout the different times of the day. Photographers would have different views of the same location at different times of the day.
Hood River has some of the most spectacular sites and views for photographers in Oregon. Painted Hills, Mickey Basin and Escola State Park are just the highlights. If you're interested in staying near these areas, consider Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, which has some spectacular views and is close to many of these sites.

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