Oct 24, 2016

Take a Scenic Color Tour in Cape Cod

Scenic Cape Cod in All of Its Regal Autumn Color
Although Cape Cod is an immensely popular summer retreat, tourists who have never enjoyed Cape Cod in autumn are missing a true New England jewel. It just might be that Cape Cod in autumn is a wonderful post Labor Day retreat. In fact, fall is one of the most popular times for the local businesses and hotels and B&Bs to fill up! Candleberry Inn for example is in Brewster, and near all the best color tours.

The best time to visit Cape Cod to take in some of the scenic color tours is from late September until mid to late October, depending on the climate during the autumn season.

Lots of Choices for Scenic Drives, Brisk Walking Tours and Cape Cod Attractions
Tourists are often surprised at the riot of seasonal color they find in Cape Cod in autumn months. Avid photographers know Cape Cod walking tours are essential to capture the brilliant gold, scarlet red, vivid orange and pale green foliage in all its wondrous glory. Some more reclusive types prefer Cape Cod beaches with the enormous blue glint of the mighty Atlantic at their beck and call. The hard Atlantic Ocean glow might just surprise with a few pods of whales getting their daily exercise. 

Along Route 26 to Yarmouth, there are lots of roads that ribbon the coast happy wanderers find full of scenery, hidden treasures like nestled villages throughout South Yarmouth where you can find crafts and the famous Cape Cod candles. This is a great way to pick up a few things for the holiday shopping list. Over on 1600 Falmouth Road, there is a chocolate shop that is too tempting to miss, should tourist tire of fall foliage tours. Few tourists want to miss Provincetown with its restaurants that serve up a cup or bowl of authentic New England Clam Chowder to ward off the brisk autumn breezes.There's a not so big secret in Provincetown known as the fudge factory located off Route 6A.

Scenic Drives
Whether you drive your own vehicle or rent a Cape Cod jeep, take a scenic drive along the Bass River in Yarmouth. To travel the entire length of the hook shaped Cape Cod peninsula, you can arrange for a tour bus or rent a vehicle. Take the scenic route along Wellfleet with its iconic arrangement of Cape Cod homes. Truro is perhaps one of the most rustic scenic areas in the Cape Cod peninsula, north of Wellfleet. The heady scent of pine and bayberry in Truro melds with the ocean breezes. Explore Cape Cod for a colorful autumn adventure.

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