Jul 19, 2016

Historic Buildings in Provo, Utah Worth Taking a Visit To

If you're a photographer and you love to photograph historic structures and buildings and ever have the chance to venture out to Provo, Utah, we've compiled a list of all the best historical buildings that are not only worth visiting but are also beautiful to witness.

1. Provo Town Square - located on University and Center street, the town square was the core of the business community in the 1890's.

2. Provo West Co-op - built in the mid-1800's and remodeled in the late 1800's this building holds historical significance because it is the location of the first stores created in a cooperative merchandising movement. This movement was created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

3. St. Francis Catholic Church - constructed in the early 1900's this building is the only Mission Style structure located in Provo City. The future of this landmark is uncertain.
4. Amanda Knight Hall - this prestigious building was the first women's dormitory built by Brigham Young University.

5. BY Academy Education Building - This building was built in the late 1800's and was used by the which later because the Brigham Young University. The university stopped using this building and it was eventually turned into the Provo City Library. This building is blocks away from Amanda Knight Hall.

6. First Church of Christ Scientist Building is comparable to the Carnegie Library and was converted into a building to be used by the Provo Theatre Company. This building is able to be enjoyed by the community!

7. Superintendent's Residence - this building, built in 1934, is a significant building because it was used during the New Deal. The New Deal brought employment to this area of Utah during the depression.

8. Utah County Courthouse - this building was dedicated in 1926 and since then it has served as a source of price for Provo, UT.

9. Recreation Center - like the Superintendent's Residence, the Recreation Center was built under the New Deal. This area is built on the property of the Utah State Hospital. This is the second building that was built in Provo under the New Deal program. This building is housed on three acres and includes a large amphitheater, indoor rooms with multiple functions and a large grass covered play area.

10. Maeser Elementary School - this building serves to stand as a monument to the advancement of education and as a sign of respect to Karl Maeser, the educator the school was named after.

11. Provo LDS Tabernacle - currently used for performing arts, this church can seat about 2,000 people and was built in the late 1800's. As Provo grew, this building was considered inadequate soon after it's completion.

12. Russell Hines Mansion - using money from his mining company and money earned through real estate, this house was built in 1895. This mansion is currently used as a bed and breakfast in Provo.

13. Hotel Roberts - built in the late 1800's and originally named the Occidental House was used as a two story boarding house. Shortly after it's construction, this property went through two different add-on's. It's final remodeling in the early 1900's gave this property the look that is seen today.

14. Startup Candy Factory - in this building the first filled candy bar originated. Visitors are able to view the building during their visiting hours of 10 am until 5 pm.

In addition to this list of historic buildings, there are an additional 57 historical buildings throughout Provo, UT that are currently used as personal residences or business and are not open to the public. This town is immersed in a rich and beautiful history. If you've traveled to Provo, Utah and had the chance to witness any historical buildings or think we've missed any in our list, let us know!

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