Jun 7, 2016

The Best Lake Michigan Beach Towns with the Best Views

If you ever get the chance to stay on the Michigan shoreline, consider yourself lucky. Lake Michigan offers some of the most magnificent views, ones that you'll remember for a lifetime. From the Lake Michigan sunsets to the early morning sunrises, the view across the expansive lake is unlike any other. Photographers will love the beauty so many Lake Michigan beach towns offer, from waves as tall as 20-feet to long walks on the piers.

From Saugatuck to South Haven and Holland to Grand Haven, the shoreline is long, speckled with historic lighthouses for miles, white sandy shores, and if you're lucky enough to make it up north, you can really catch a beautiful view of the lake from the top of the dunes.

We've compiled a list of the best Michigan beach towns that are worth a visit and offer some of the most spectacular Lake Michigan views.


Saugatuck is a Michigan beach town rich with history. Originally a lumber town in the mid-1800s, Saugatuck eventually became a place for the arts. Quickly, it emerged as one of the more popular art districts in Michigan. As for its views, well that's a different story. Saugatuck has been known as a beautiful resort-town for years, offering some of the most amazing views for both photographers, locals, and tourists alike.

Saugatuck and its neighboring town Douglas are home to the famous Mt. Baldhead, where you can catch an amazing view of Downtown Sauagatuck and the Kalamazoo River from the top (after climbing a long way to the top). At the bottom of Mt. Baldhead, take in the beautiful views of Oval Beach.

South Haven

If you're ever lucky enough to be in the presence of a South Haven, MI sunset, make sure you have your camera ready. Michigan sunsets are unlike any other, and at South Haven, you can expect picturesque views of oranges, blues, and the famous South Haven pier's lights dancing on the water.

South Haven is a popular beach town in Michigan, and much like Saugatuck, it was also a lumber town in the mid-1800s. Today, it's known as one of the most popular Michigan getaways year round. The famous South Haven lighthouse (South Haven Light) is a spectacle for many visitors who happen to stop by this wonderful beach town.


Holland, MI is a popular destination year round, as well. Similar to Saugatuck, Holland is also a very famous art district in West Michigan. It offers amazing views both in the spring and summer as well as the winter and fall, with beautiful fiery colors on the trees. A major stop in Holland that is worth a visit is the Windmill Island Gardens, which has become not only a top tourist destination in the area but also a venue for weddings because of its beautiful scenery. The park is even more desired around Tulip Time (taking place in May).

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