Mar 19, 2017

What Is Wide Format Printing?

wide format printing
Wide format printing is mainly used in the field of advertising. Due to its ability to support a wider print roll it gives you a much larger area in which to work. This enables the printer to print media such as murals, wallpaper, posters and banners. Materials that require a visually heavy design print beautifully with a wider printer. Due to the wider texts and images produced the larger format is incredibly effective in advertising. The impact is greater and customers are more easily attracted than with a standard width. The biggest width available wide format printer measures 61 inches.

Wide format printing is also referred to as large format or grand printing. Unlike a standard printer which uses individual sheets of paper the large format printer uses a roll of prints. This roll is fed into the printer incrementally.

The process is very similar to digital printing except the printers are on a much bigger scale and use nozzles. Paper stocks are fed directly to the printer and the ink is applied directly onto the material. The actual printing is not only quicker but the colors are a very high quality.

The printers use color combinations derived from black, yellow, magenta and cyan colored ink. Top quality prints are produced from these machines. The pigments have a water base, are resistant to fading and work well when used outside.

Some of the most popular products printed with the larger width are displays for tradeshows, wall d├ęcor, graphics for the retail field and photo prints. They can be printed using a paper based stock in either high or semi gloss or on gator board. Since many trade shows and exhibits take place outside vinyl banners are often printed for these events.

Canvas is a medium usually reserved for reproductions of art. Depending on the particular design and your preference you can use either wrapped or rolled canvas. Wall graphics are popular and you will almost always see them printed on sticker paper. They are available in an extremely large format and are resistant to fading as well as easily repositionable.

Most businesses today want everything done as inexpensively as possible and they want it done quickly. The wider types of printing are a lot more affordable than other methods including screen printing. The products are easier and cheaper to have produced. They are also of a high quality.

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